Sunday, 9 September 2012

Welcome to the first post on Wesway’s new super sweet climbing blog.  The Westway has always been blessed by fantastic staff and wonderful customers.  These great people are at the beating heart of London’s climbing scene.  This blog will post news of this scene, adventures of these people and keep you in the know about great events.

For now you can look forward to updates on the Yosemite adventures of most of our staff.  That’s right it would seem that a group of our staff have up (clip) sticks and headed off to the big US of A.  One manager, two route setters and an instructor/route setter and now sky diver, for the next couple of months will be having the time of their life swinging around the granite walls of the valley.  These guys have all been in the valley before and have plentiful skills to get them up the Yosemite’s walls.  But surely we want tales of epic adventure by crazy first timers who don’t know a sky hook from a birdbeak.  Well fear not, regular customers and big wall virgins Antoine and Alvar are heading stateside for some granite action.  They have been busy in the Westway honing their hauling and poop shooting skills ready for life on a big wall.  We will write up some tales of their epics as they send us the details of each jam, crimp and blueberry pancake.

Sandeep’s view from his tent, try not to hate him too much.

In the wall its business as usual and before he leaves for the sates Liam The Hit Man (crisp champ) Halsey left us with a little leaving gift.  Our comp wall is now sporting a freekin awesome tufa route. 

Liam testing his new creation

Liam spent a day setting this super steep pump fest of a F7b right up the middle line.

So stop reading this and get your ass down here for some training. 

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